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My 48 Dodge D-24 [ by the previous owner ] was converted to a 12 volt system, however, it was kept as a POSITIVE ground system. The ground signal to the switch post is usually accomplished with a physical button switch, similar to the Ford tractor style shown below. Again looking for … 4. What are the issues with the battery installed as a negative ground vrs the recommended positive ground. Anything I am missing in the following steps: 1. The new Model A introduced in 1928 required a clean break from the past and certainly needed to be different from the Chevrolet automobile and thus the positive ground came to … The quickest why I can think to check for polarity is to (for positive ground) connect a jumper from the negative side of the battery to the starter connection, and the positive jumper to ground. It was common to convert the '55 to 12 volts as Ford went to that shortly thereafter. But the 6V battery is also wired with positive to ground. The charging guage shows a discharge most of the time . In the 6 volt era Ford and Chrysler products and a lot of others were positive ground. positive goes to the coil on a positive ground car like a Model A, 9n,2n, 8n Ford tractor, or anything Ford up to the 12 volt days. Never change points again with the PerTronix Ignitor System. By Ted Dumas on Sunday, September 27, 2009 - 12:24 am:. Posted by Upper Peninsula Mi. The positive (+) side of the battery is connected to the chassis and ground. Your Model A was built with a 6 volt positive ground system. 1949 Ford 9N Tractor - 6V system - Do they run a positive or negative ground? Chevrolet and most other GM vehicles (except Cadillac) wired their vehicles with negative grounds. A positive ground system works by directly connecting the chassis of a vehicle to the positive side of the vehicle's battery. There are only a couple of cases where it is better to stay with positive ground. It was positive ground and had a generator, not an alternator. To polarize a generator on a tractor having a Delco 12V negative ground system, attach Think of left hand vs. right hand threads - both accomplish the same thing only one tightens the opposite direction from the other. I just bought a Ford Jubilee with the original 6 volt system. This is opposite to all modern cars that use a negative ground. Reverse the wires on the coil 3. Learn More Positive to Negative Ground Conversion. Electronic Ignition Kit: Ford 6 Volt Positive Ground Ford - Fits various models * Fits tractors with 6 VOLT POSITIVE GROUND SYSTEM ONLY. My question is, "what has to be changed" if I want to change it to a Negative Ground system? 1950 Ford 6 Volt System With A Positive Ground With No Spark … I checked my coil and its getting power .. then checked my points, i get a spark when the ignition is on and touched with a screwdriver but when its cranked over im not seeing any spark at all from the points when its going thru its cycle of opening and closing . What did they give you, 6 or 12? I am switching it to a NEGATIVE ground system tomorrow. Trying to sell my old 6-v parts is futile. When Ford and Chrysler went to 12 volt they also went to negative ground. Ford 'messed' with a positive ground for a time during the 1930s. Pertronix 1266N6 6 Volt Negative Ground Ford pre-1965 6 Cylinder Ignitor. Most, if not all welders were positive ground. We can also increase the output voltage of a 6 volt generator and use an … This ignitor kit fits most 1949-1953 Ford Flathead V8's and provides increased voltage for improved performance and fuel efficiency. Bill The electrical system is Positive Ground. Not to say any system is better than another, thank God '55 was the last year Ford used both 6-volt AND positive ground. To polarize a generator on a tractor having a Delco 6V positive ground system or a Lucas 6V or 12V positive ground system, attach one clip to the A terminal on the generator. Hudson switched from negative to positive ground in 1934, and then back to negative in 1956. He put it positive ground. 1948 - 1956 F1, F100 & Larger F-Series Trucks - 1949 F1 Grounding - Trying to put my truck back to as near original as possible after its been thrown together by the PO. * Pertronix 1283P6 45011 Ignitor II 6 Volt Positive Ground and Flame-Thrower II - 45,000 Volts .6 Ohm Coil Kit for 49-53 Ford 8 Cylinder 4.0 out of 5 stars 2 $152.71 It has had the ignition coil ballast resistor bypassed which makes me think the coil may have been fried over time. This insures a positive metal to metal contact even in painted or coated nut members. It was rebuilt a couple of years ago and worked ok until the owner replaced the battery. 6V or 12V positive ground system, attach one clip to the A terminal on the generator. *Note that most of the old Ford tractor applications were 6V and Positive Ground, meaning the positive post of the battery serves as the ground and the negative post of the battery is the feed for the system. G M was the oddball with negative ground. I have just purchased a 49 ford pickup 6 cyl. Where exactly do the ground straps go from battery positive to frame, engine and firewall. The alternators that were available were all 12v negative ground and some of the old cars including the Model A Fords were built as 6 volt positive ground. Dax - A positive ground works exactly the same as negative ground. The Perfect Grounding Screw. Does anyone remember if this car would be positive ground. Failing to polarize a 6 volt regulator can cause damage to the entire electrical system of a vehicle. "+" is typically red, and "-" is typically black. Pertronix 1266P6 6 Volt Positive Ground Ford pre-1965 6 Cylinder Ignitor. I have a 1953 Ford, Customline. The shop manual says it has a positive ground but the 6 volt battery that's in it has been installed as a negative ground. The main reason to use negative ground with 12 volts is that you can use it with modern electronics but it would work with positive ground. And clean contact is the key to insuring optimum electrical conductivity. But then, you probably wouldn't be swapping your car's electrical system, and wouldn't be reading this. There is simply no better electrical grounding screw than a TAPTITE® PRO™ fastener. A 6 or 12 volt battery can be either positive or negative ground. Ford Mercury Ford Ignitor Electronic Ignition, 6V Positive Ground, Flathead, 1942-1948 Ford MAC's warehouse is open, shipping daily and ready to meet all of your automotive needs. It makes NO difference whether the system is a positive or negative ground when you are charging the battery from an external source - Just be sure to hook the pos to the pos terminal on the battery and the neg to the neg terminal on the battery. Ford discovered in late 1927 that Chevrolets were negative ground. With the other clip, briefly for only a split-second (or a spark occurs) tap the negative ( - ) terminal on the battery. The ONLY difference is current in a positive ground system flows the opposite direction from current a negative ground system. If it turns the proper way its a positive ground. Ford did not start using an alternator until 1957, when it … We can convert a POSITIVE Ground system to NEGATIVE Ground by changing the polarity of the battery and the generator; and switching the leads on the ammeter to show a charge when it's charging. Also the battery is a negative ground (I thought they were suppposed to be a positive ground… It has a 12V generator that is working fine. Negative goes to the coil on a negative ground car. Hope I … on August 17, 2002 at 07:32:19 from ( A friend has asked for some help getting his 8N started. Ford, Chrysler, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Nash, Hudson, Frazer, and Studebaker were all positive ground at some time in the 30s. My son-in-law just picked up a 1949 Ford 9N Tractor and it has no spark. Cadillac changed to NEG ground in 1946, but the Ford, Chrysler, Nash, Studebaker and Packard all stayed with the POS ground system. The "universal" switch to negative ground never occurred in the U.K. Nash Metropolitans remained positive ground, and allegedly some US car models made for export to the U.K. are still set up with positive ground. This means that the negative (-) terminal of your battery is connected to the supply wiring and starter terminal. Make sure that the ignition to the car is in the off position. This system effectively earths the vehicle as the chassis attaches to the battery using a positive battery cable. Disconnect the battery 2. The solution was at that time to change the Model A Fords over to 12v negative ground and enjoy the modern convenience of the alternator on the old car. Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, DeSoto, Studebaker, Cadillac, Kaiser, and some other brands wired their early automobiles with the positive terminal of the battery to ground, or the frame, and the negative to the starter and electrical system. Before going over could you tell me if all 8N's are positive ground such as my 9N? The cable is tethered to the battery at one end and the engine block at the other. Your year selection only went to 1961. Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Rating: ... self contained and maintenance free electronic ignition system. I know Ford switched sometime in that period but I don't know if 54 was the switch year, FWIW, I polarized the system … While positive ground electronic ignition systems are available, conversion to negative ground may make sense prior to upgrading your ignition system (as once you buy a positive ground electronic ignition, you won’t be able to easily convert to negative ground without buying another ignition unit). My first car was a '55 Ford Customline 2-door sedan. Check which way the engine turns. The same parts in 12-v brings much more money (like a heater motor).

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