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This showed his skill at using 2. •  give a brief These wars were fought on three frontiers. The Romans helped, … The primary purpose of the dissertation is to examine the causes of the Second Punic War as given by two prominent ancient historians, Polybius and Livy, the key sources for the modern reader studying the conflict. Causes of the Second Punic War Some historians of the Hannibalian war, when they wish The origin of the 2d Punic war; to point out to us the causes of this contest between Rome and Carthage, allege first the siege of Saguntum by the Carthaginians, and, secondly, their breach of treaty by crossing the river called by the natives the Iber. South of the river Ebro, Sagunto was only sea town (it was Hellenized Iberian city), which did not obeyed to Carthaginians, but it entered into an alliance with Rome. what were the results of the second punic war. The second Punic war was the result of the growing rivalry between the two great powers that were now struggling for supremacy in the western Mediterranean (Rome and Carthage), with the trigger of the war being the rapid growth of the Carthaginian dominion in Spain, with Carthage building up a great empire in the Spanish peninsula, expecting to raise new armies to invade Italy. Briefly describe the life and significance of Hasdrubal the Fair. Both nations took decisive actions that forced them towards the war. hannibal and scipio. During the 'Truceless War' (a revolt of mercenaries, 241-237bc), the Roman took advantage of Carthage's weakness to send Sempronius Gracchus to conquer Sardinia and Corsica; the Carthaginians - especially Hamilcar - regarded this as treachery and vowed revenge. Second Punic War - Battle of Baecula 208 BC. However, with all the evidence laid out, Carthage can be declared as the driving force towards the war. Even if the story of Hamilcar making his son at the age of 9 swear never Scipio defeated the remaining Carthaginian forces in Spain, which placed Spain under Roman control. [30]. Many secondary historians have written about this - one book notes 34 significant contributions since 1896! To set the scene, the First and Second Punic Wars, as well as the period between the wars, are discussed. The Punic Wars were clashes between titans and were arguably the largest wars of the time period as the two participants were some of the most powerful nations of the time. Write. Hannibal, leading the Barcid Empire, and allied to the Carthagians, crossed the Alps and invaded Italy in a series of highly successful battles. Hasdrubal the Fair took over from Hamilcar (by this time he had an army of 50,000) - he was acclaimed by the army, married a localprincess (Hannibal too was married to a Spanish princess) and called himself strategos autokrator (copying Alexander the Great at his accession); he conquered the rest of Spain and established Qart Hadasht ('new city' = 'Carthage') as his capital in 228bc. had still been in control? Hannibal, however, never attained the goal of creating a major division between Rome and its allies. The Second Punic War was often known as Hannibal’s War in Rome.It was in a real sense the personal war of Hannibal. The immediate cause of the Second Punic War was the decision by Hannibal — the main Carthaginian general at the time, and one of history’s most revered military commanders — to ignore the treaty between Carthage and Rome that “forbade” Carthage from expanding in Spain beyond the Ebro River. There he received despatches reporting on the activities and decisions in Rome and Carthage. Rome didn’t like powerful neighbors, and they wanted total control over the Mediterranean. Having secured a great trade of district and farther motivated by triumphs. (Remember that I am a History teacher, not a Ancient History professor!). chronologcal order, adding a date where possible: Roman envoys go to Carthage and declare war. the boundary of Carthaginian Spain. [5]. The following websites will help you complete the task. The Second Pinic War: The Causes Of The Second Punic War 938 Words | 4 Pages. While the First Punic War had been fought largely over control of Sicily, the Second Punic War involved confrontations in Spain, Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, and North Africa. Second Punic War begins. 9:38 . He had lost his power over Mediterranean Sea; losing Sicily and the compensation imposed on him by Rome greatly affected his economy. William V Harris (1979; he was Professor of History at Columbia University, New York) argued that the nature of the Roman empire meant that it had to continually and aggressively expand. Briefly describe the Carthaginian conquest of Spain to 226bc. In Book 21 Chapter 21.1 he declares that after the fall of Saguntum The Primary Record. Use the notes above to write answers to questions gchoi2022. There was no clear victor and the terms set by the Romans were extremely harsh. In Book 21 Chapter 21.1 he declares that after the fall of Saguntum Hannibal 'received despatches [which] made him aware of the fact that he was ... (in Roman eyes) the cause of the impending war'. After the First Punic War he married Hamilcar's daughter and became a with Hasdrubal limiting Carthaginian influence to the Ebro River … which However, tensions developed as the economic interests of each party began to leave no room for the other. Essay title: Second Punic War The cause of the Second Punic War is an issue of some great debate. in the end led to the Second Punic War - Polybius said that the conquest Although Polybius states that the 226bc Treaty said nothing about Spain south of the Ebro, in c.220bc the Romans promised to support Saguntum in its quarrel with Carthage; when Hannibal captured to the town in defiance of their warning, the Roman ambassadors offered the Carthaginian Assembly 'peace or war' ... and the newly-expanded, newly enriched and newly-confident Cathaginians accepted war. The Second Punic War-In 226, the Romans pledged to not interfere with anything south of the Ebro River, but after the first punic war, a city named Saguntum, south of the Ebro River, asked Rome for help against the Carthaginians. Rome thought it would be easy to defeat Hannibal, but Hannibal was full of surprises, including his manner of entering the Italic peninsula from Spain. By 265 B.C., Carthage was the wealthiest and most advanced city in the reg… Involving a wide range of prominent figures, the Second Punic War was due to an ever-growing and rising conflict between Carthage and Rome. They were great traders and farmers and soon they had created a great city and they dominated large tracts of the coast of Northern Africa. of Spain gave the Carthaginians the confidence to go to war again During the Spanish campaigns he built up a permanent, well-trained and disciplined army, which Hasdrubal used to complete the conquest of Spain and Hannibal used to invade Italy. Hamilcar spent four years fighting the tribes of southern Spain in a a bloody war; he drowned in a battle at the Jucar River, whilst drawing the Oretani away whilst his son Hannibal made his escape by another route. Hamilcar Barca wanted revenge on Rome for his father's death and brought an army over the Alps. put the blame on Rome. Punic Wat. CHAPTER 6. Trade was renewed, and Punic merchants were as familiar a sight in Rome as Italians seem to have been in Carthage. B. C. 334. Nevertheless, Carthage recovered from the Second Punic War relatively quickly and coins and trade goods from this period have be… The Second Punic War: Causes. Even though the main cause of the second war was the war on Saguntum you must go back all the way to the ending of the First War. upon the Saguntum Outrage as an opportunity to ‘pick a fight’ with the growing Causes of the Second Punic War 1722 Words | 7 Pages. The Second Punic War occurred between 218-201 BC. reliable you think these sources are. rome's ability to adapt to war and their numbers. Read the following passage from Livy, and write answers The immediate cause of the Second Punic War was the decision by Hannibal — the main Carthaginian general at the time, and one of history’s most revered military commanders — to ignore the treaty between Carthage and Rome that “forbade” Carthage from expanding in Spain beyond the Ebro River. These were the … Later Roman writers (e.g. The problem of Polybius In 226bc, when Roman ambassador arrived (showing the Rome was becoming Why did all the ancient writers - including Polybius - suggest that Hannibal 218 when Hannibal took control of the Greek city and Roman ally Saguntum (in Spain). He was killed by a Celt assassin as revenge for crucifying the man's Spell. - beginnings/ origins/ foundations) of the war; he did not criticise the supporter of Hamilcar's 'War Party'; he used his influence and Less well known, are the causes of the Second Punic War. THERE WERE CERTAINLY moments of tension after the First Punic War, but relations between Rome and Carthage were not entirely unfriendly. Hannibal destroys the Roman army at Cannae in the most severe defeat ever suffered by Rome. ” With 17 years of battle causing heavy casualties to be suffered on both sides, the Second Punic War has proven to be an important time period in the Roman and Carthaginian empires. The fault for the beginning of the Second Punic War can not be placed on a single nation. Terms in this set (6) First Punic War Cause. Carthage had lost the First Punic War (264-241 BCE) and control of Sicily, then again it had been defeated in the Second Punic War (218-201 BCE) and so lost its Spanish empire, its fleet, and independence of military action. generals of the second punic war . It was one of the deadliest human conflicts of ancient times. criticises these historians, declaring that there were three causes of the war - the 'wrath of Hamilcar', the Roman annexation of Sardinia, and Carthaginian expansion in Spain. The Second Pinic War: The Causes Of The Second Punic War 938 Words | 4 Pages. Causes of the Second Punic War The Second Punic war “was the greatest and most dangerous one Rome was compelled to fight on their way to the conquest of the Mediterranean.” With 17 years of battle causing heavy casualties to be suffered on both sides, the Second Punic War has proven to be an important time period in the Roman and Carthaginian empires. Livy blamed Hannibal. Search. here, but I - although I am prepared to see the war He founded Carthago Nova (In Punic 'Qart Hadasht' = simply 'New Town', = 'Carthage without the 'New' - i.e. Explain why The Second Punic War broke out in present-day Cartagena) as the The cause of Second Punic War Bust of Hannibal discovered in Capua. the relevant sections of Polybius and Livy; •  consider how worksheet. The second Punic War lasted 218-201 B.C.for 17 years. Also, all disputes about the border between Numidia(one of Rome's Allies) and Carthage would be settled by … Second Punic War Cause. The flashpoints for the war was Island of Sicily; Carthage was a Phoenician city; The war began just twenty-three short years after the First Punic War had ended. b. Carthaginian conquest of Spain, 237-220bc. In his account of the Battle of Zama, Livy goes further and makes Hannibal PLAY. My two-pennyworth? Now write an answer to the following question: 'Hannibal caused the Second Punic War.' Browse. Hannibal's actions helped precipitate war; •  show knowledge of Following their defeat in the First Punic War and the loss of territory in Sicily, Carthage built up a new empire in Spain. The treaty between Hannibal and Philip V of Macedon clearly envisaged Rome's continuing existence after a Carthaginian victory. Second Punic War (218-201 BC) The Second Punic War, also referred to as The Hannibalic War and (by the Romans) the War Against Hannibal, lasted from 218 to 201 BC and involved combatants in the western and eastern Mediterranean. The Third Punic War was entirely avoidable was caused by Rome taking advantage of Carthage while they were weak. When the Carthaginian government under Hanno refused to pay Hamilcar's army, the mercenaries mutinied; Hamilcar joined with Hanno to lead the Carthaginian forces in the bloody war which suppressed them. However, a lack of Roman interest in Spain, shows that this was a misapprehension. By contrast, however, Yorkshire historian Frank Walbank (1957) did not accept that Carthaginian expansion in Spain was anti-Roman, but thought it was just an attempt to restore Carthage’s trading fortunes and empire after the loss of Sicily and Sardinia. Causes of the Punic Wars. b. Carthaginian conquest of Spain, 237-220bc. So what is going on about the Ebro Treaty? how far Hannibal was to blame for the war? Hannibal in causing the war; •  show knowledge of You must refer In both wars, the Carthaginians had also been made to pay Rome massive reparations. Frustrated at sea by … italy, for 17 years, and then carthage, for less than a year. Explain the significance of Hamilcar Barca in Carthaginian politics. hannibal and scipio. This made him aware of the fact that he was not only army commander for the Carthaginians but (in Roman eyes) the cause of the impending war, so he decided that there was no point in any further delay. against the Romans. The causes of the war were a result of both Roman and Carthaginian actions. read Mr Clare's article on it. History Time 44,512 views. opinion, how reliable is Livy’s account of the causes of the Second Punic competing empires’ - think that the war was the result of a nervous Rome seizing Hamilcar built up a 'war party' in Carthage; which was why, when the Roman delegates offered 'peace or war' in 218bc, the The causes of the First Punic War were mainly clashes of economic interests. generals of the second punic war . him a lifelong hatred of Rome and a desire for revenge - Polybius called Clearly, the tensions between Rome and Carthage had not been fully settled. where was the second punic war fought. But he has confused historians ever since by The Second Punic War occurred between 218-201 BC. North-East scholar R Malcolm Errington (1970) argued that the Romans only got involved after pressure from/they were invited by Saguntum and Massilia, fearful of the growing power of Carthage. Scipio Africanus Goes to North Africa 204 BC. Tradition holds that Phoenician settlers from the Mediterranean port of Tyre (in what is now Lebanon) founded the city-state of Carthage on the northern coast of Africa, just north of modern-day Tunis, around 814 B.C. Hannibal besieged the town under the pretext that the Sagunto attacked one of the tribes, which were under Carthage authority. After the defeat in the First Punic War, and especially after the loss of Sardinia, Hamilcar Barca held a hatred against Rome which led Carthage into the Second Punic War.

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