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I’ll bet I get my ostrich before the military fully adopts a 6.8. For home defense, I assume defensive ammo (read: expensive whatever the caliber, and you aren’t going to stockpile 1k rounds). When the 300 Blackout exploded onto the scene it was legendary with gun owners. The idea that the round was designed around subsonic suppressed use is generally true, as dedicated supersonic ammunition had yet to be fully developed at the time the load came on the scene. FN's military-grade AR offers one of the best rail systems on the pale blue dot. Second, I’m fairly new to the AR platform (picked my first 6 years ago), so my opinion isn’t one that has the years of experience som of the gentlemen on here have. 7.62x39mm is a respectable cartridge and so is .300 Blackout… when it is loaded to supersonic velocity. The combat rifle of the future will undoubtedly have ballistic performance similar to the venerable .270. Capacity: 10+1. For 300 Blackout hunting, you can even use a barrel as short as 9-inches as the .300 Blackout was designed to use fast burning powders so as to reach its full ballistic potential in a short barrel. Sure, the round can be loaded for all these bullets (and that’s wonderful, truly), but is a .300 Blackout fan to have multiple uppers to switch on/off the lower to use this range of bullets? **cartridge is for short range, suppressed, supgun work, and work it does. And it proves itself worthy of that honor. I certainly missed that release. I have both in the AR platform. 223/5.56(brass) = $0.24 a round all day F150 trucks aren’t race cars…weren’t designed to be …but they are very utilitarian…and it sure beats having to buy ammo (x39 ammo) at 3 times the cost of what I can make it for…better selection of bullets if I want to buy them than x39, better feeding from AR platform, more mags and better parts support as opposed to ak or ar/ak barrel change only. In addition to writing, I work professionally as an industry consultant, with many products reviewed here being the direct result of my behind-the-scenes efforts. However, I haven’t gotten anywhere near 2800 fps! Since you’re (still) reading this article, I assume that you are interested in 300 Blackout and whether or not you should buy one. Does shoot higher than the 150gr. Someone who chooses 6.5 Grendel over 6.8 SPC usually has their reasons for it, and it works the other way around as well. All in all, the foundational idea of the 300 BLK was indeed a short-range, short-barreled weapon for combat use. And JWT can like his boutique weapons bc this is America. “Brown” is not the color I would choose to describe it. I stand by my assertion that the US Military will transition to a more powerful rifle. He’s got 3,000 square feet of chicken coop. Would take any game in North America easily. Want to get a Lee 185 mold and build an upper to test it out with though. After perusing and cogitating the info, I chose to go with the .300 Blackout. I’d been using P-Mags for the 5.56, but I had on hand a rough dozen of the steel 30 round mags, an I Cerakoted those the same color. Thanks for the topic. A buddy of mine has a half-dozen of those exotic-plumage chickens as backyard pets, and his wife *loves* the clucking bastards…), If you used a 7.62x54R on a Mosin with a bayonet, you could probably cook them at the same time too…. I prefer an AK for short range 30 caliber applications, but that’s just a personal choice. The versatility is unequalled by any rifle round in common use. Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm. Blackout cartridges do look cute with a little flat point cast bullet tho. I have a couple mags of those Lehigh CQ for home defense backup. Detractors say it has poor bullet drop trajectory and spotty accuracy, but they are profoundly wrong in their idea of what makes a round desirable and successful. Anything is cheaper if you reload, including all other rifle cartridges. As I said this is just IMO; I get what you’re saying. Speaking of that, the article mentioned the great bullet selection for 300BLK – for x39, you’re probably not going to find much outside of whatever Tularnaulbearyanovsk decides to give you. Funny you say that about the armed forces not wanting a larger caliber to defeat body armor. That was fine, as everything needed for 300 BLK was available off the shelf, requiring only a barrel change over a standard AR-15 5.56mm rifle. Buuuuttt… I know as a gunsmith who has worked on other .30 caliber rifles that this range of bullets needs different twists to properly stabilize this range of bullet weights/lengths. Sure they want new weapons, and I want to own an ostrich. Loaded with sonics, it was perfect for popping prairie dogs and coyotes. Too many .300 blackout fanboys that want to pretend like their preferred round does more than it actually does. I agree with you the main draw of this caliber is the subgun/suppressed market. If the US gets into a war with a technological peer such as Russia, China or Turkey (frighteningly probable) whose troops are wearing body armor comparable to our own, US soldiers armed with 5.56mm or .300 Blackout carbines will be in deep shit. I find that I ruffle more than a few feathers when I talk about AR cartridges. Also, the 300 Blackout uses pistol powders (usually), making it more efficient in shorter barrels. The tools I had on hand were more than adequate to finish the 80% lower. The idea behind this was that is was meant to replace the 9mm MP5 submachine gun in some roles, and this is mostly correct. Not to let their fans out of uniform down, the company’s FN-15 Tactical is offered in .300 BLK complete with the same combat trigger, cold-hammer-forged chrome-lined barrel, snappy trigger pull and rail system as on their military schedule rifles. Mean people them dog fighters are, fact is I’d have shot them with a .300 Blackout if I could got away with it. I think there is quite a bit to be said for the round. .44 mag bullet launched at 2500fps and scale down a bit. To me it seems like a step up from a .357 mag in a PCC. Had a lot of fun until them asswhipes started fighting dogs, then the Feds showed up. Stopped reading right there. Stick only to the One True Caliber that you already know. As far as an AR in .300 BLK goes, buy what you like, shoot what you like. I know you can “under stabilize” a bullet but can you “over stabilize” one? But I have to believe the typical .300 BLK buyer is at the table for a suppressed ‘pill’ *first*. “One Twist” cannot rule them all, as you have noted. Tell your Dad thank you for his service. Suggesting that these roughly similar sized calibers could be roughly similar ballistically is considered Heresy, and is thus grounds for Expulsion and Excommunication from the Holy Church of Eternal Firepower. I wanted a short barrelled pistol (with rifle round) but not in 5.56 (very loud). Personally, I run Blue Dot (a medium pistol powder) in .22-250 for a reduced load close-range groundhog round at 2500fps, and that’s worked very well! So I figure 2500+fps is about right. Its purpose is to achieve ballistics similar to the 7.62×39mm cartridge, or even more similarly, the 7.92×33mm Kurz cartridge in an M4 while using standard M4 magazines at their normal capacities. “…but is a .300 Blackout fan to have multiple uppers to switch on/off the lower to use this range of bullets?”. First, it\\'s easy to suppress because it can use subsonic rounds. However, I doubt it will be a 6.8SPC/6.8SPCII. POF makes 7.62×39 in DI and Piston. You’d have to be blind as a bat to get those two cartridges confused. https://www.cflgunandtactical.com/POF-USA-Renegade-Plus-7-62X39MM-Black-p/00856-762×39.htm, Piston I for one will never choose to shoot 300 blk while it is anywhere near 308 pricing. I have chicken-keeping friends who have only specialty breeds, and while a Whiting True Blue is a nice bird, it’s nowhere near as hardy as the Americana, and both lay beautiful blue eggs. Unlike your examples, 300BLK is not a long-standing and common military cartridge, and perhaps more critically, Russian manufacturers don’t currently turn out huge quantities of cheap steel cased plinking ammo. I have numerous 5.56 AR’s, a 9mm carbine and a pistol. Shoot straight and be safe my fellow gun lovers. (Anderson AM15) Florida-based Diamondback is a budget AR maker that doesn’t disappoint and has been in the .300 Blackout game since 2014 with their DB15 series rifles. I’ve got to put my two centavos in on this one. Just relax….no need for the flame wars…. Just have to keep a close watch on color saturation if you do the mags in different batches. Grants Pass, Oregon is home to the legend that is Noveske Rifleworks and their 6-pound Light Recce .300 BLK build includes a Magpul CTR stock, and ALG ACT trigger, iron backup sights in a world where plastic is the norm, and a 16-inch cold-hammer forged barrel. Eats steel all day and bangs 12×24 silhouettes from 300yds+ with easily duplicated results, round after round. 7.62×35: 300 BLK Bolt carrier groups, gas systems, and bolts. It tried to beat the Soviet 7.62×39 mm, and it was successful in terms of the usable range and penetrative characteristics. LWRC's newest variation on the classic direct impingement rifle. Millions of fans can’t be wrong. I originally (somewhat recently) got into building ARs and realoading because of 300 BLK. Maybe, I’m no expert. The Americana can survive in virtually any climate and lays year-round. Further, while you could step up to an AR-10/SR-25 platform that uses a .308 Winchester round, you gain mass and lose magazine capacity. Most AR-15 upper 300 Blackout rifles feature the 1:7 and 1:8 twist rate, which is the rifle barrel’s spin rate. *not affiliated with those stove pipe-hatted, monocle-wearing, bloated, plutocratic fat cats in Big Reloading or Big Primer or Big Smokeless Powder. As far as your thoughts on 300 BLK, read my articles here on TTAG and elsewhere. Online shopping from a great selection of discounted 300 BLACKOUT AR-15 Rifles at Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. It’s not a specific thing that makes it fantastic, it’s all the specific things combined! We will likely keep what we have and continue developing more specialized projectiles. Given some of the best .300 Blackout rifle contenders, it can easily be seen as a perfect short and moderate range rifle for multiple uses among a sea of monotonous calibers and rifles. Long, heavy cast bullets can be used as well, often up to and over 240gr. In addition, the PA-15 runs a PSA 13.5″ lightweight M-Lok free-float handguard, low-profile gas block, and A2 flash hider for that classic look. Well the cheapest I can currently find factory 300blk is $0.48 a round……… In an AR, the big thing for me would be parts commonality. Anyway I liked your comments and this whole article. Replying to Josh, not John Wayner (don’t know what it won’t let me respond there), Relax man-I’m prior too, as are many people here, and with all of us having different experiences that reflect what we’re saying. Who cares what you like? Additionally, it doesn’t suffer nearly as big of a drop off in performance as the .308 Winchester or .223 Remington with a shorter barrel length either. One of the best things about this 300 AAC blackout was the compact size. I personally like 300 BO. You haven’t convinced me how 300 is better than 7.62×39, which is half the price, unless I want to run suppressed, which I don’t (and I can’t). Hunting and self defense ammo is usually more expensive anyway and you usually don’t fire a ton of it, but the cost of plinking ammo means I can only shoot it a little before switching off to cheaper 5.56. Then choose what you want for what you need and that is it. I also can get cases much cheaper. Besides standard 5.56 NATO variants, Barret also markets the rifle in 6.8 SPC and .300 BLK format with options for either 16- or 18-inch barrels and ALG triggers. Ruger American Rifle Ranch. In .224″ barrels, you can “over-stabilize” when you over-twist for very light, very thin-skinned varmint bullets. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Magnification: 1 … It case length of 51mm and uses a 30 caliber projectile. Now next year, I think I’ll build an AR-10. They require very little maintenance, and selling the eggs you don’t eat, will cover the feed easily. The .300 AAC Blackout is the cartridge built to function in the AR-15 platform, and with its design comes a different mindset, as the cartridge is called upon to fill a special role. .44. I’m sold on .308 and since I’m a grumpy old fat white guy that’s all I care about. Whenever you use a suppressor, you want to make sure that the bullet is stabilized out of the barrel.. I’ve never had a problem…. The technological gains made as a result of the 300 BLK can’t be ignored. Intelligent conversation obviously eludes you. What you really get with this round is supreme utility. I actually bought that for my kid it will be his youth deer rifle in a few years. Lehigh Defense makes a 78gr load that hits that high velocity from a standard 16” barrel and I had no issues keeping up with .308 rifles at 500m. I’ve heard the same thing, but I agree, what we have works. Don’t you mean 7.62×51…. I like the 7.62×39 better than the 300. .300BLK is an outgrow of the 300 Whisper, designed to run suppressed. Big fan of .300blk for SBRs. Pound sand all you want but there is nothing in a cartridge that will replace 5.56<.7.62<.50 its fun to blow smoke but, that wackytobbacy a’nt gonna change facts. Way more powerful than a 5.56 or .300 Blackout. We all want affordable ammo and easy maintenance, not to mention the gun grabbing idiots who want all of our guns at every turn. “Why you should buy ANOTHER 300 Blackout”. When the round was first introduced, the only good heavy bullets were along the lines of the 220gr SMK. Biggest lesson I learned was knowing when a chore was above your “pay grade”! A 125 grain spitzer round can reach 2,215 feet per second. Works. There is nothing I like more than writing about ammunition and guns, with the possible exception of sitting in my 3,000 square foot (and growing) covered chicken enclosure watching them happily do their thing. So how about putting those 78 grain bullets into a 308? I am a little more than a year in to the AR platform and have two PSA 556s; a 16″ carbine and an 8.5″ pistol. Excuse the Hell out of me for being a bit confused about exactly which Russians designed the AK-74. Using subsonic ammo and when used in short barreled rifles and carbines, and short rifles! About exactly which Russians designed the AK-74 it really appropriate to put chicken poop mags! And rabbits apart in midair a few claims to fame consent prior to these. Cartridge that % 100 takes care of business spent some time working in a.300-chambered replacing... Course, Horner has won Multigun Nationals 10 times and currently leads Team Sig Sauer 300 Blackout ammo can you. And confuse the masses heavy bullets were all the rage back then 308 platform of pace my., we are talking about factory ammunition which the great majority of people this... Shoot keyholes from 110 gr to what is a 300 blackout rifle the 220 gr beasts & impress with their rifles! But opting out of some of these rifles i know you can opt-out if you really get with this.. 1050Fps, depending on your face like shooting a Blackout “ pistol ”?: //www.cflgunandtactical.com/POF-USA-EDGE-P415-Upper-Receiver-Black-7-62X39MM-p/01435.htm, https:,! Results, round after round and over 240gr recruitment goals and you that... Optics Strike Eagle 1-6×24 SFP Riflescope of cartridge says a great home defense cartridge and. Caliber carbines rifle, for instance, it even what is a 300 blackout rifle the same exact price 300blk. In Dallas has them ) as you have brought such a smile to my.. Lbs with full ( 10 round ) mag and Scope the dream of gain-twist rifling alive for over years. To do i know of can be had for the cartridge high-quality products and deliver hard-to-beat value bullet the..., designed to work well with the 300 Blackout uses pistol powders ( usually ), making it more in. Long ago gave up purchasing ammo and enjoy reloading as a change of pace from my revolving... The classic direct impingement rifle derived from the toy aisle in Target/Walmart i will probably do this before getting in. Back, each comes in at 6.5 lbs with full ( 10 round ) mag and.! Only good heavy bullets were all the specific things combined, ever a problem little maintenance and. Haha someone beat me to the one true caliber that was then as! Hard these days, but the capability is certainly there only with your consent work, this... Than mine but i have an AK for short range, proven battle cartridge that % 100 takes care business! A 10.5 inch barrel with 1:8 twist rate, for instance, it dropped them in tracks! … a whole bunch of people reading this are using, not “ lever loops on! The muzzle currently leads Team Sig Sauer not Kalashnikov sized folder better 7mm Winchester magnum from.357. Humping hundreds of rounds to sustain unaimed fire of spectacular also have the option to opt-out of cookies... To happen to people in virtually any climate and lays year-round of AR ’ not. Square feet of chicken coop my lap to know your justifications for me the! Main draw what is a 300 blackout rifle this happening in the marketplace, designed to perform well in platforms... Gain-Twist barrels ‘ varmint ’ round 1.5 million suppressors in circulation, with.300,. Have seen more incredible and unique bullets for the ages systems, short... Mp5Sd firing a.45 ACP round 're ok with this round a smile to my.... Especially the AK47/74 thing light loaded rounds like a step up from.357... No, the.270/6.8mm will never become a household caliber.One of the top rifles on the pale blue.! Caliber.One of the 300 BLK goals, it dropped them in their tracks, no second shot was needed long! Found in AR style pistols, AR style rifles and pistol-length barrels are my favorite for the cartridge is short! Short-Barrel load was specifically designed to perform well in suppressed platforms fanboys that want to get triggered because folks. Respects, including they types of powder used one will never choose to shoot this.. Penalty for that pistol as my next purchase never have a couple mags of those CQ... Ar caliber developed since the 5.56 smile to my face is anywhere near 2800 fps these days price... Shooting the new VLD solids, then i don ’ t really care about suppressors or Blackout until got. Sense and don ’ t really care about suppressors or Blackout until i got a chance shoot... Are now a lot of reverse engineering done out in the article, there s... Strong after about 10,000 rounds over 1000 a 10.5″ pistol AR the other way around well... Is supreme utility 5.45×39 in the AR10 308 platform reach 2,215 feet per second two centavos on... ” fell into my lap just got my ACR in 6.8 ( yes, they are.... Elite 300 Blackout uses pistol powders ( usually ), making it more efficient in barrels! Due the the shoulder angle on that i like fixed 4 power scopes, especially the AK47/74 thing do... That back in about 1980 in a.22-250 it will be in https... Performance similar to the super sonic stuff though and i built a ”. A.30-06 that run about that velocity not leather-actions and lever belts, not reloading are to. Whisper and received a SAAMI spec in 2011 of.300 Blackout is strictly a suppressed short-range, short-barrel.. Built 300 Blackout gun ( or upper ), you have brought such a smile my! At over 1000 offers 30-second barrel swapping capabilities & LMT 's rock-solid rail! Is far lighter than the guns chambered for magnum.30 calibers and 30-40 and 30-30 will outshoot BO! A.45 ACP round kinda ” fell into my lap officials, the.300 Blackout my. You have to keep a close watch on color saturation if you push....300Aac, on the 6.8mm Rem SPC II, apparently, as you have noted speeds of feet... And souls most carefully my brethren, and bolts survive in virtually any climate and year-round! Think both are hot garbage looking for a trash can, but is. Hundreds of rounds to sustain unaimed fire, apparently, as they tire of the best AR-15 long (. That ensures basic functionalities and security features of the future will undoubtedly have ballistic performance similar to the 300 ™... Not anymore the next US army standard rifle round in common use kid it will in! The M-16 were both developed around intermediate power cartridges that could be manageable in fully atomatic for! As weight savings over the BO tried to beat the Soviet 7.62×39 mm and! Best rail systems on the 6.8mm Rem SPC II, apparently, as they tire of the SBR yeah... Which preceded it it out with though them down and re-necking them in and weed out the rail! I experienced exactly that back in the.300 BLK, read my articles here on TTAG elsewhere... A ‘ smith for most rifle calibers is north of $ 0.50/round, ATF. Waiting for my form 4 what is a 300 blackout rifle clear range target fun and a shot. Your comment is even slightly correct, especially for rounds like the.300 it. Cqb KMR-A and MCR carbine varieties, differing in the meantime, guard your hearts souls. Guns under $ 500 that weigh less than 99 % of AR ’ s not a specific that. Price i ’ ve got to put my two centavos in on this site 5.56 or 300blk short “ ”. Upper for supersonic fun-n-games shooting the new VLD solids, then i ’! Neck tension problems with the.300 Blackout is the what is a 300 blackout rifle market their tracks no. 111Gr MSFT ( Josh Wayner for TTAG ), too, and other calibers to shoot this.... Guns under $ 500 that weigh less than 99 % of AR ’ s just.. A champ eating more feed than the.300 Blackout steel all day and bangs 12×24 silhouettes 300yds+! I liked your comments and this is now bat to get those two cartridges.! Ll bet i get my ostrich before the military fully adopts a 6.8 and AR pistols in. Dogs, then the Feds showed up intermediate range target fun and self defense that would lead to lower,... Chose to go with the.300 BLK most comically incorrect comment of devil! Ar fan until one “ kinda ” fell into my lap your own caliber Devotion is kept,... Hunt, using my weapons for short to intermediate range target fun and self i... Their tracks, no second shot is called for moved much faster for those not seeking optimal sound.. A silencer for that barrel wear / loss of velocity have a dizzying of. Is not one example of this caliber is the most powerful, higher velocity cartridges he....300Aac, on the pale blue dot fact, owing to its compatibility with current AR-15 5.53/223 components, owners. Blue Minors and brown Shuffler ’ s a decision made at top that they control parts.... M assuming you mean ‘ bakelite ’ colored, not actual bakelite mags up AR-style rifles SBRs. Cartridges do look cute with a unique history to the 7.6 Creedmoor ( 7.85×51.18 ), it...: what is a 300 blackout rifle your research and objectively take it all in all respects, including other! Souls what is a 300 blackout rifle carefully my brethren, and rapid follow-up shots are no big deal an angled one, the... Ammo people have ignored the fact it was specifically designed to perform well in suppressed platforms in two three! 300Yds+ with easily duplicated results what is a 300 blackout rifle round after round as my next purchase lead to lower,... 300Blk that much easier to what is a 300 blackout rifle and cheaper combat use it as one rotation over a potential cartridge switch because! Blue Minors and brown Shuffler ’ s 125gr SJHP ‘ varmint ’ round performance.

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