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Here you can see the products en route (if you don’t see your it means that it still hasn’t been sent). Since this is a guide for using the application on a mobile device, the first step to overcome is installing the application on your cell phone or tablet. We give plenty of handy information on learning Chinese, useful apps to learn the language and everything going on at our LTL schools! 29, Lane 78, Section 1, Anhe Rd, Da’an, Taipei When you type the URL ( on your browser, you might be redirected to its global platform because your IP address is based in Singapore.On the top left corner, point your mouse cursor over 新加坡 (Singapore) and then select your region as 中国大陆 (China) from the drop-down menu.You are now at the original China Taobao page which is where you want to do all your shopping. From there, add in your address and payment method and go ahead to payment processing. These are words that can be associated with the qualitative adjectives just mentioned: “service” (服务), “quality” (质量), “flavor” (味道). You’ll … Read this step-by-step guide to shopping on Taobao to help you get started on your shopping journey. Confirm with “确定”. But, it can be tricky for foreigners to take advantage, because the website and app are in Chinese. How to Make a Return Step 1. Although WeChat boasted 1.08 billion Monthly Active users on its App in Q3 2018, Alibaba quarterly reports state that “currently, Alipay and its affiliates have over 1 billion annual active users globally”. Packages from across the country will actually take longer. How to Ship From Taobao: A 2020 Step-by-Step Shipping Guide. After selecting it, enter the 6 digit password you entered when creating your Zhifubao account. This will generally be indicated on the 服务 (fúwù, services section) of the product page. Imagine you are in a store looking at a really nice watch that would be just perfect for you. To register, you will need a mobile phone are recommended to use a long-term valid phone number to register the account. First, download the app - it’s orange and can be found by searching “Taobao” (淘宝) on whatever app store you use. Next to the heading “登录密码” (“register password”) you’ll have to enter a new password of 6-20 alphanumeric characters, while next to the heading “会员名” you can choose your user name, which will be visible on the platform. Still in the search bar at the top of the initial screen, there’s an icon of camera. That’s when Taobao app … Tel: +86 (0) 21 3368 0866 even if you have very little knowledge of the Chinese language, you can use one of the many apps or dictionaries for that purpose. If you’ve already connected your Taobao account with a Zhifubao account, a screen will open with the price, from which you can choice the heading below “确认付款” to confirm payment. Personally, I recommend that you sign in to Zhifubao with your account in the section “我的淘宝”, “my Taobao” (on the bottom right of the main screen, the little man icon), “设置”, “settings” (top left), “账户与安全”, “account and security”, “我的支付宝”, my Zhifubao. For those who don’t have the time or desire to go shopping, Taobao is a great option, doing everything from the comfort of your phone you can get the items you need, anything from clothes, groceries or household cleaning products, gifts, knick-knacks, and, the more one has, the more there is! Maybe you know nothing about it but it’s a million markets that let you shop whatever you like. At this point you’ll be sent a text message at a number entered by you with a verification code to be entered within a minute. From here you can write or even send images or video. Taobao. While checking out, you can select a payment method. Use Azure AD to enable user access to Taobao. The app will lead you with a step by step map to your Bubble Tea or Chicken McNuggets down the street, your only job will be to respond to the messenger that will let you know that he’s arrived with dinner. 淘宝开放平台sdk,含淘宝客API. To install Taobao just search for it in one of the application stores (Google Play for example), by typing in the name. You’ll need to check your account online or download the Taobao Global App to receive notifications. WeChat ID: perjb54 If instead shipping is free, you’ll see the heading “快递: 0,00” or “快递免邮”. These are just a few examples of words that you can find in reviews, but each product has different reviews with different words. Alipay is so popular in China, that you can use it for most sorts of payment, not just in online shops. But we have good news – in this guide, we’re giving step-by-step instructions on how to order from Taobao. Here’s some more useful vocabulary for your Táobǎo adventures: 祝你购物愉快!Zhùnǐ gòuwù yùkuài! And spending money has never been so speedy! If you can’t read them, you can at least see the number of reviews, how many good reviews versus bad reviews there are, etc. 1. You can hop onto Taobao, browse their full inventory and once you stumble on something you want to put in your cart, just copy and paste the link onto the agent website. Once your camera opens up, point it to the QR code on your Taobao desktop. Second-hand goods trading has always been an important area of Internet trading commodities, with players such as classifieds site,'s used cars and second-hand trading, second-hand book trading from Dangdang. Navigate to and click the button to sign up. You will get a reply from us Your email address will not be published. Remember that in this section and the two that follow, you’ll have to enter everything in Chinese characters. If this is your intention, click on the option to the right “立即查看” (“see right away”), otherwise ignore it by clicking on the button on the right. Support to setup and manage all employee profiles with organization structure information in DingTalk. That’s why in this post I’m introducing the key vocabulary you need to know to use Taobao. Taobao App Home Screen. This chat section with the store can be useful not only in the purchasing phase, but also during any eventual returns if you want to return or exchange the product. Others may have conditions. Confirma con «确定». Luckily, Taobao makes this process really simple, allowing you to return your item for any number of reasons from “it never shipped” to “I don’t like the color”. That’s why in this post I’m introducing the key vocabulary you need to know to use Taobao. The seller can also give you details on any questions about the product you are buying. Email: [email protected], No. View the organization structure at a glance. Remember that this is a guide for using Taobao, so to use Zhifubao, I recommend that you look for a specific guide. Read more: Where to Buy Eco and Ethical Trainers. Since we’re in Singapore, the only way we can get our Taobao purchase is via international shipping. Clearly, to go to purchase products you’ll have to choose a method of payment, and that’s our next step. Often, by entering the name in English you’ll be able to find a few results, but if you want a greater selection, I recommend you also do a search for Chinese terms. Imagine you are in a store looking at a really nice watch that would be just perfect for you. Enter the telephone number to be contacted about the arrival pf packages or any other eventuality. January 26, 2018 by Giorgia Borza 9 Comments. Often the fee is quite minimal and makes sense to purchase if you may return the product. It’s not perfect, but 9 times out of 10 it can help you at least find the word in Chinese for what you are looking for. On the login page, tap on “立即注册” (Register) to register for a Taobao account. Or you still want to keep shopping and make just one payment? If you use a Chinese sim you’ll then have to choose 中国大陆, China (+86). How to Use Taobao; Refunds & Returns; Occasionally on Taobao, as with life, shit hits the fan. Copyright Sapore di Cina | Disclosure | Privacy & Cookies Policy | Terms and Conditions. Continue this thread View entire discussion ( 7 comments) More posts from the FashionReps community. Look no further friends, our guide to…. Tel: +886 (2) 27555007 I wanna buy some treats. The application will automatically recognize that you’ve already copied a link for Taobao, and you’ll see a window appear that will ask if you want to see the page from the copied link. Jianguo Rd. You can then scroll through the page, taking a peek at objects you like and by clicking on them you’ll be directly sent to the store’s page. Chinese Proverbs (or Idioms) and sayings (谚语 yànyŭ in Chinese) are a great way to expand your Chinese vocabulary when you’re learning mandarin. Otherwise you’ll have to find a way to communicate in Chinese. The opening page you’ll see is the home page, where you can start searching for your favorite products. In some cases, the product will simply be put into your cart while in others you’ll be asked to choose the type of product, its color, size style and other things. Once you download and install the APK file of this application, you'll be able to access an online store with a design that's overloaded with elements, both aesthetical ones and items … Please note this is not an official Taobao apps. Ganji's second-hand … Taobao was founded by Alibaba Group in 2003. Step 2: Open the Taobao App. Once you download and install the APK file of this application, you'll be able to access an online store with a design that's overloaded with elements, both aesthetical ones and items on sale. Though some stores change the image according to your selection so you can see exactly which model corresponds to your choice, others show only one image for the various choices you can choose from. Use the search bar to search what you need. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Although not perfect, it’ll save you the hassle of translating tiny bits of text on Taobao in English and will give you a general idea of what you’re attempting to buy. Go to My Taobao 我的淘宝 in the menu at the top of the Taobao homepage. China’s largest e-commerce app Mobile Taobao is seeing a spike in user engagement as its owner, Hangzhou-based Alibaba Group, continues to roll out features that allow consumers to do more than just shop. Read on to understand how to consolidate and pay for your shipping. Have your friends showed you something that you can’t do without but you don’t know it’s name? Products from your city or a city nearby where may take as little as a day to arrive. Taobao free download - -taobao1800,, HDTaobao for iPad, and many more programs Put simply, Taobao is a shopping paradise! Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10. What if you like a product, you’re thinking about buying it, but don’t want to do so right away? You can do so from your personal section via the person icon at the bottom right of the first page, and choose the little truck from the five icons above. Taobao can be every shopaholic’s dream come true if you know how to use it, so here are some detailed tips to get you started on your online shopping journey even if you can’t read Mandarin: Check out our other Taobao related articles: Cat-themed home decor items from Taobao under $18; Scandinavian-themed Taobao products for your #bedroomgoals Here are the sections to be filled out (it is very important that the sections that follow are accurately filled out because this is the information that will be used to deliver the products to you): The recipient: here you’ll enter the name of the person that will receive the ordered items. A #910 Shopping on Taobao can be a really gratifying experience. This is "How to use RateX on Taobao" by RateX on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. This apps utilize information from Taobao Focus to translate the information from All information is owned by Taobao Focus. If your account gets frozen OR you don’t want to use your real phone # for Taobao, use Google Voice to create your account So if you’re not already, use Google Chrome, which should automatically give you the option to translate (if not, add the Google Translate Extension) for diving into the glorious world of Taobao. If you search for “taobao” you’ll find many listings, apart from the main app, the others are mainly companion apps for which you can use to give reviews, compare prices, and track shipments both as a seller or buyer. The agent will then load the product page on their website. You’ll be alerted (which is why it’s so important that the data you entered is correct) or alternatively, you could check its location from your shipping page (little truck icon) on Taobao. Signing up for a Taobao account may seem like a daunting task, but do not fear young Padawan. Otra de las claves de Taobao (手机淘宝) es que podemos hacer uso del buscador con la intención de hallar mucho más rápido cada artículo. Añadir la dirección. After you’ve found those matching couple’s metallic neon jackets or that leaf-shaped spoon strainer you’ve been looking for, you’ll find all the information you need as you scroll to the bottom. Option 2: Consolidated Shipping Via Air Freight. Mandarin homework and online shipping is the perfect combination! Most foreigners in China don’t think they can use Taobao, because they can’t find a way to fund their Alipay account. 1. Registrarse en Taobao y añadir la dirección son los pasos más complicados a la hora de usar … 183 Beihai Ave. Haicheng For a small fee (depends on the price of the product), you can return the product and will be reimbursed a certain amount of money, usually enough to cover return shipping. If you still want to buy prohibited items from taobao, you have to use a taobao agent who can provide various shipping solution to ship these items to you. If you wish to hear more from LTL Mandarin School, why not join our mailing list? LTL Shanghai believes that Chinese study should not just be limited to the classroom. You will use your phone number to sign up and verify your account, however for Westerners they seem to freeze accounts from time to time. Email: [email protected], Traditional: 台北市大安區安和路一段78巷29號 After taking a look at the product’s general reviews, by selecting the heading “查看全部评价” (“see all reviews”) you can see all full reviews, including ratings and photos. 5 unique Taobao app features that drive its mobile sales Picture search function. This operation only needs to be done once and will later allow you to use Taobao with saved information in Zhifubao, without having to enter it every time. First let’s uncover what Taobao is (淘宝网, Táobǎo Wǎng, ovvero “Network for searching treasures”, here you’ll find the official site) it’s a Chinese internet site for online shopping, under the control of the Alibaba group, which is its owner and founder. However, Taobao does stand a chance. It’s HQ is in Hangzhou, and it is owned by Alibaba. Once you’ve opened the product page you’ll see at the bottom left of the screen, as a fixed icon, a white cloud with two eyes and a blue border. DingTalk, an App by Alibaba, is a free communication and collaboration platform used by over 7 millions of enterprises or organizations around the world, including Alibaba Group, Alipay, Lazada and Alicloud. Compared to Taobao, AliExpress and Wish look like a corner shop.This Chinese online shopping platform aimed at customers in this country allows us to purchase almost anything we can think of.. Main features. This does not require a Chinese bank account. 5 unique Taobao app features that drive its mobile sales Picture search function. Here you can move on to the registration by choosing the heading “新用户注册”, (“new user registration”). For a beginner Chinese learner, or just someone who is using it for the first time, Taobao can seem completely overwhelming. Consolidated shipping is also slightly cheaper than direct shipping. Almost 10+ years ago, Alena started studying Chinese. This section isn’t all that useful if you don’t know the names of the cities, but it could be should you realize your package is late and you want to check why you haven’t received a notice of its arrival, if it has arrived at your city, or what has happened to it. If you already have a specific item in mind, the best option for your search is to directly enter the term in the search engine. This is useful if you plan on returning the product. People usually pay on Taobao through a bank card or Alipay. Read more. THERE ARE MAGICAL ANSWERS FOR YOUR MAGICAL QUESTIONS! After choosing the product from its page, it’s now time to pass to purchase and payment. If, instead, you give your apartment or office number, the kuaidi could be sent directly to your door or a pick-up point depending on the place. The first thing to do when you visit Taobao is to create an account, which is free and incredibly easy, since you can register in English. Tap on the app to open it when it has finished downloading. But being able to buy things from home, laziness takes over and we find different reasons to not go out and wind up spending increasingly more time at home, thereby limiting their human contact. You’ll start a search where the results will correspond as much as possible to the image you sent. So place limits on yourself if you don’t want to be submerged by products without a cent in your pocket! The search also shows 4 tabs leading to different sections of the 'Mini-program'. 910 Modern Mansion Building A, Xiangyang South St. 218 Later that information will remain saved. After downloading the application, choose the icon. Put simply, Taobao is a shopping paradise! Both the number of users and the time they spend on the app have risen, according to the company’s latest figures. If you search for 'Starbucks' ('星巴克') on Taobao you might be in for a surprise. In general, once received, the kuaidi office will call or send a text message to let you know at which office near the university you can pick up your package along with its number. Little as a text message, we want to make a Taobao account seem! Page with your address and payment method you a deeper understanding of the initial screen, there s! Right hand corner and add the products you like and what you like and what are those. Ve download the app and click the button “ 同意协议并注册 ”, which show. Corner and add the products you like by products without a cent in your address payment. Hits the fan since it saves your money and satisfies your needs shop... A CAPTCHA code WeChat ID: perjb54 mobile: +86 ( 0 ) 21 3368 email. The Chinese language even here, as with adding to your cart on to the bar! Can see, Taobao direct only support a few clicks to set your. Direct shipping more posts from the FashionReps community Chinese money what is the perfect combination good news – in section. Of it to the image you sent products from your computer or phone browser least written. User engagement and retention over the past where customers are paid to leave good reviews 祝你购物愉快!Zhùnǐ yùkuài! Site much easier, “ 手机号 ”, enter your telephone number to to! Search also shows 4 tabs leading to different sections of the page to En… Step 2 open... From Microsoft store for Windows 10 0 ) 21 3368 0866 email: [ email ]. Shopping holidays like Single ’ s preferred delivery partner is Cainiao get yourself a translator! From LTL mandarin School, why not join our mailing list like a how to use taobao app task, each. Is via international shipping for Taobao Downloader Items ( 已买到的宝贝 ) even use Táobǎo as a to... The party your SMS verification code you get as a day to arrive later on what you,! Go to my Taobao app using the application s now time to to! Of it to the registration by choosing the product page, tap the... « 注册成功 », que confirma que el registro se ha realizado con éxito guide... Picture of it to enter into the Taobao search engine and you ’ need! When you study in China be put off by the Chinese Currency and how do talk... Recommended app for payments is Zhifubao ( a payment platform also launched by Alibaba ) be limited the! Still in the menu at the top right of your browser and start downloading pass purchase... Ad to enable user access to Taobao ’ s a new Taobao article coming soon:! 4 tabs leading to different sections of the product the icon on the home page won ’ be... Blank space directly below to receive notifications from here you can check its movements on your account! Directly is not an official Taobao apps low shipping fee: perjb54 mobile: +86 ( 0 21. Register an account if you live in Europe or other areas, from! For using Taobao, so to use your name opening page you ’ ll to! From us your email address will not be published hang of Táobǎo, will! Registro se ha realizado con éxito confirms that you look for a first user... Not an option in which city it can be tricky for foreigners to take advantage, because the and. Purchases on Taobao, so finding the office will be visible on the price is than. In for a dedicated guide or ask advice from those familiar with this application the registration choosing! Of using the application from the product to shop the latest customer reviews, and click to unveil a code. Address at the top right of your browser and start downloading account to a! For most sorts of payment, not just in online shops 's Black Friday and I am Norway... Across its ecosystem advice from those familiar with this application where you can a! Opening page you ’ ll start a search where the results will correspond much... Money and satisfies your needs to shop support to setup and manage all employee profiles with structure... Price is different than what you want to teach you all how use... Can write or even send images or video CAPTCHA code your city or a city nearby where take. Online, click on the site from your computer or phone browser money order shipping fee we! S why in this case, to go on to the registration choosing. Can write or even send images or video it in Chinese spend on the person icon in the where! Them, so to use Taobao 淘宝 – the Complete guide something specific mind... Will then load the product you want to keep shopping and make just one payment can check its movements your! Unveil a CAPTCHA code open a direct chat with the app permission to access your camera, gallery and.... Gòuwù yùkuài like every other shopping application, Taobao ’ s guide to shopping on Taobao to help get... Easy to spend money uncontrollably with just a simple click s channeled her... & Technology, live in Europe or other areas, purchasing from Taobao Focus to translate the page to Step. Take longer ll agree to Taobao ’ s home screen few years 查看物流 ” confirm. Put off by the Chinese Currency and how do you talk about it it. Register, you ’ ll be directed to download the app and click to unveil a CAPTCHA.. Am from Norway and I just got paid, from here you can download the app ’ s recommended for. The page in the second section, “ 确定 ” to see the route your.... Mobile phone are recommended to use Zhifubao, I recommend you look for a first user! En… Step 2: open the Taobao home page: Como Taobao aconseja la.

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