delineate word in a sentence

The periods between the words are not included, so to delineate the words, each label begins with a single byte that specifies the length of the word (in bytes), after … Professor has finished measuring, and is preparing to "delineate" me.Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. Show the form or outline of. eit’. Learn more about English word: delineate, including definition, synonyms, antonym, pronunciation. The blue record delineates the beginning of each track segment. (2) For now, most could not delineate, with any confidence, what their new role entailed. 20 sample sentences for DELINEATE. How do you use delineate in a sentence? Starts with d, ends with … Meaning of delineate. Definition of Deli. Delineate is a 9 letter word, used as a article or as a verb, an SAT word with Latin origins, and has the letters adeeeilnt (adeilnt). Definition of delineate. It was unkind to denigrate her achievement. eit’. 6. Sentences are everywhere. Delineate as a Verb Definitions of "Delineate" as a verb. Definition of delineate in the dictionary. Or that his nature, being such as we have delineated, is akin to the highest good? English Translation of “escuadra” | The official Collins Spanish-English Dictionary online. The vertical colored lines, delineate the volume spaces of the engine. Delineate sentence & words in English. Delineate. transitive verb. The commander said that the army would comply with the ceasefire. How do you use the word delineate in a sentence? The down-to-earth professor used demotic speech when talking to her students instead of … The periods between the words are not included, so to delineate the words, each label begins with a single byte that specifies the length of the word (in bytes), after … In order to properly discuss the differences between [A] and [B], it is necessary to [discuss the differences between A and B]." Jason put a fence up to delineate his property from his neighbor’s. Trace the shape of. Here are a few examples of delineate being an action. 3. The scene observed in false color illustrates the incident light pattern so explicitly as to delineate irradiance isopleths. . The principal designs may be delineated, but one to answer every view and situation, we pretend not to give. An appositive is a word or group of words that identifies or renames another word in a sentence. Example sentences with the word delineated. Professor has finished measuring, and is preparing to "delineate" me.Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. (16) Flowing freely curve shape[sentence dictionary], (19) Neutron activation analysis for uranium in soild may, (20) Scientists then began searching the layers of rocks, (21) As a consequence of this fact it is possible to, (22) Several major law firms have recently enacted codes of conduct to, (23) One other key variable that has traditionally been used to, (24) After the catheter placement, we used a radioactive marker to, (25) Before considering the possible applications of the dynamical transition paradigm, it is necessary to clearly, (26) When work is challenging, take a few minutes to, (27) I like a transparent whellote, is he gave me thellos whellote paper, (28) A recent identification of cross-talk between FASN and well-established cancer-controlling networks begins to, (29) By analyzing the composition of the sediments and correlating their sources, we are able to, (30) Contemporary ethicians assume that duty ethics, which focuses on right and wrong (like utilitarianism and deontology), cannot adequately. 93, September 24, 1887 Trace the shape of. November 24, 2019 by admin Leave a Comment. How can I put and write and define delineate in a sentence and how is the word delineate used in a sentence and examples? When requested to leave, they refused to comply. Make a mark or lines on a surface. Examples of delineate in a Sentence. About Kukunoor, he said that, "though one tends to go overboard as an actor most of the times, the way he handles the character as a director, Nagesh makes you feel that it is very simple for you to delineate the The court has never delineated what is covered by the exemption. to delineate in a sentence - Use "to delineate" in a sentence 1. We are not, but his ability we are in duty bound to delineate truthfully. ‘The beltlines crisply delineate the upper and lower body sections, and combine with the panel curvature to add tension to the surprisingly plain sides.’ ‘At the initial mapping, a 400 m baseline, delineating the deepest edge of the shoal, was established and marked with permanent metal stakes.’ Find words for proyectista in English in this Spanish-English dictionary. You shouldn't denigrate people just because they have different beliefs from you. Show the form or outline of. See more. Pronunciation of delineate with 2 audio pronunciations, 32 synonyms, 3 meanings, 6 sentences and more for delineate. Delineate definition, to trace the outline of; sketch or trace in outline; represent pictorially: He delineated the state of Texas on the map with a red pencil.

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