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We must, however, study this element in the most important Babylonian tradition, even if only for its relation to non-Semitic myths and especially to some striking passages in the Bible (Isa. Because She usually eats at home, because she likes cooking. Gerbert proceeds to argue that the church councils admitted the right of metropolitan synods to depose unworthy bishops, but contends that, even if an appeal to Rome were necessary, that appeal had been made a year before without effect. Such theories, as we have noticed, are extremely likely to be only approximations in ancient times, even if recognized then; and our data are quite inadequate for clearing the subject. But as Paul wrote: ` Even if I give my body up to be burned and have not charity, it avails me naught.'. The plaintiff, even if he were under another lord, was obliged to sue in the court of the defendant's lord, and the portion of the fine ' F. Many natives, even if armed, refuse, however, to molest an adult male gorilla, on account of its ferocity when wounded. The owner of it will not be notified. with those of the following morning at the same observatory; the reference can then be made to the same stars and errors in their position are therefore virtually eliminated; even if the observations of a morning with those of the following evening are used the probable error is doubled. "I swear I'll stop her even if it costs me my life," Pierre replied. He will not come to the party unless you invite him. Sentence Examples You always look neat and clean - even if you are a little out of style. If these conditions are complied with, it is probable that the total rate of supply will not exceed, even if it reaches, the rate necessary in any system, not being an oppressive and insanitary system, by which the water is paid for according to the quantity used. It was his suggestion about the newspaper subscription that started the whole business rolling— even if it was blind luck. We shouldn't slight anybody even if he's a nobody. if not even enhancing. Toby was with her, pulling her from the beach towards the Sanctuary. After November, 1903 the expenditure was reduced, and the new customs tariff which, came into force on the 14th of February 1903 increased the revenue by nearly 200,000 per annum; it was thought that the expenditure would not exceed the receipts, even if the shah undertook a third voyage in Europe (which he did in 1905). Color/alpha components are stored in the components array starting at offset even if the array is allocated by this method. And that's where Hazel will hatch and live. How to use Although, Though and Even though and Example Sentences “Though”,“Even though” and “Although“, are used for the same meaning, expressing the idea of contrast. : It’s still too hard to find a job, even if you are eligible. And even that not for its own sake. You also know Gabriel won't kill me even if I do lose. He denied that it was possible to maintain them, and no less strenuously denied that it was desirable even if it were possible. She could help Gabriel and the souls, even if her whole world crashed at the end of the week. if not better more. So, Does that mean even if I connect to an outside Ariel it would not work? Was there a way to protect the kids, even if she didn't make it out of this situation? she hissed at him, suspecting he'd hear her, even if he was one of those in attendance at the soiree. She settled next to the trapped woman, trying hard to keep her mind off how cold she was. He'd never forgive himself for that, even if Rhyn's mate deserved little more respect than the half-demon himself. Examples The girl ran because she was afraid. Once cirrhosis has developed it is usually considered irreversible, even if the inflammation which caused it improves. It is used for emphasizing that although something may happen or may be true, another situation remains the same. "Well, even so- They charge their attackers". It is followed by a complete sentence with its own subject and verb. It's important to me – even if it isn't important to you. She wasn't sure Qatwal deserved a peaceful existence after refusing to help Anshan, but for Evelyn's sake, she wanted the wars to end, even if A'Ran didn't want her anymore. Death may have ignored their presence in her domain for three days, but something had made her reach out to him now. But even some of them retain their sanity. Inverted sentences are required with certain grammar structures, or used as a means of sentences stress or emphasis. He always knew what to say to make people feel better – only now he couldn't talk, and even if he could, he might not be capable of the flowery words. But the quotations and references in Aphraates, Ephraem and the Acts of Judas Thomas show that it was known, even if not often used. (be: is/am/are) " The score is even after two quarters. 18. Every month they would test my grip, and for a long time my left grip was weaker than the right, even though I'm left-handed. Stanley's expedition was on its way to relieve him, it is clear from Emin's diary that he had no wish to leave his province, even if relieved. Even some of the trees went to sleep. Yet daily use is not irksome, even if weighed down. a position, even if the timber can be made sufficiently P ? Example sentences: " Although I'm really hungry, I'll wait for the others to arrive. " Unless needs a main clause to make a complete sentence. He does not condone breaking laws, even if the laws are ones that he disagrees with. She was the one who insisted on having a man who would wear the pants – even if she didn't fully understand what that encompassed. It is used to emphasize that something will still be true if another thing happens. The law, e.g., of the equality of the radii of a circle cannot be exhibited to sense, even if equal radii may be so exhibited. " Although school is hard, I like my teacher. " 2. It was a fair question, even if she had never thought of it that way. Unfortunately the method cannot be applied to good conductors, like the metals, because the difference of temperature between the surfaces may be five or ten times less than that between the water and steam in contact with them, even if the water is ener-, TABLE I. For weeks the Calabresi and lazzaroni continued to pillage and massacre, and Ruffo was unable, even if willing, to restrain them. The Comtist maintains that even if these five volumes together fail in laying down correctly and finally the lines of the new science, still they are the first solution of a great problem hitherto unattempted. Type 1 conditional: unless + present tense. She jerked, surprised at how close he was. Comparatively few of the pipes which have been discovered are at all rich in diamonds, and many are quite barren; some are filled with " hard blue " which even if diamantiferous may be too expensive to work. Still on this view, even if the authority of conscience be asserted, we seem reduced to an ultimate dualism of our rational nature. We never hurried people out of the Magic Box like that, even if it was past closing time. There was no point in bringing Katie into their personal affairs – even if she had injected herself there. She will come even if she is tired. Arnold cooks if I clean. In° India, on the other hand, the institution of caste - even if artificially contrived and imposed by the Indo-Aryan priest and ruler - had at least ample time allowed it to become firmly established in the social habits, and even in the affections, of the people. She wouldn't even speak to him. See a translation Report copyright infringement; Answers When you "disagree" with an answer. No matter how cruel the destiny treats one with tribulation and misfortune, it will correspondingly treat him with happiness and sweetness. Another small smile crossed her face, and she sat down. European plants and animals were introduced into Hispaniola and Cuba, and sugar plantations were set up. He may have to exert more authority, even if he enjoys less dignity, than a European king. Did you know I'd survive, even if you left me? Real sentences showing how to use Even if correctly. You couldn't invent a better one, even if this was completely accidental. " Although I'm bad at soccer, it's fun to play. " Examples The girl ran because she was afraid. As a further concession to the insurgents, reforms on the widest scale were promised; but their application required time, even if the good faith of the Government could be trusted. The following are sometimes called Axioms (§ 29), but their truth should be proved, even if at an early stage it is assumed. Examples of and even in a sentence: 1. Regularity of arrangement, therefore, was not possible, even if they had studied it. But the general tendency to regulate rates by authority of the state has apparently rendered unnecessary the old plan of rate regulation through competition, even if it had not been demonstrated often and again that this form of regulation is costly for all concerned and is effective only during rare periods of direct conflict between companies. For example, is the following statement correct grammatically? CK 1 2361804 I won't go, unless the rain stops. e.g. So, even if Adams has effectively criticized a particular version of the indirect approach, he has not thereby impugned our approach. Dean felt compelled to do something even if he didn't know what. ; The plot of the film was very interesting, as he had told us. Finally, even if "the woman" who is the mother of Christ be taken to be the ideal Israel in the beginning of the chapter, at its close she is clearly the Christian community founded by Him. I’ll go even if you forbid me to. 18 examples: In the subsequent irrigation periods we reduced the distance between tapes to 2… He won't lose his mate, even if he chooses to kill her rather than give her up. " Although I get good grades, I really don't like school. " CK 1 … Filter. It ought also to be mentioned that there was a greater accumulation of impedimenta at Helles than there had been at either Anzac or Suvla, so that even if the weather were to remain favourable, it was certain that material of great value would have to be destroyed to prevent its falling into the enemy's hands. Her circumstances were unique among all the humans he'd met, even if she wasn't the greatest mother he'd had. Ferdinand refused to despoil his brother's infant son, and even if he did not act on the moral ground he alleged, his sagacity must have shown him that he would be at the mercy of the men who had chosen him in such circumstances. antonyms. With William the Norman all was different~ he was a man well on in middle age, too old to adapt himself easily to new surroundings, even if he had been willing to do so. But this list of forty names, corresponding to the years of wandering, is from a post-exilic source, and may be based merely upon a knowledge of caravan-routes; even if it be of older origin, it is of secondary value since it represents a tradition differing notably from that in the earlier narratives themselves, and these on inspection confirm Judg. We cannot, however, say that these play an important part in immunity, and even if it were so, the essential factor would be the development of the substances which act in this way. This holds true, even if we admit the " independent " existence of such a world of things. He took the symbol with him for a reason, even if he didn't fully understand what. She'll come even if you tell her not to. if not yet more. You take care of yourself and call me any time - even if it's in the middle of the night. 30. I don’t like playing football because it’s very boring They should take your umbrella because it’s raining. Examples; Don't drink any alcohol even if you drive carefully. Even if. No, she could never become as cold and accepting of death as the men around her, even if they were at war with a monster like Czerno. And damn near impossible to see anything from down below, even if the overhang didn't block the view. Example: He wanted to see what was on the other side, even if it brought up memories he wanted to forget. She looked too sweet to be someone about to destroy the fabric between the immortal and mortal worlds, even if he did sense some sort of dark secret in her gaze. As one-off gestures went our 24-hour strike was highly effective even if we couldn't publicize it in our own paper. Such a thought can hardly be Micah's, even if we resort to the violent harmonistic process of imagining that two quite distinct sieges, separated by a renewal of the theocracy, are spoken of in consecutive verses. exact (2). To Xenophanes, the founder of Eleaticism - whom he must have known, even if he was never in any strict sense of the word his disciple - Parmenides was, perhaps, more deeply indebted, as the theological speculations of that thinker unquestionably suggested to him the theory of Being and Not-Being, of the One and the Many, by which he sought to reconcile Ionian " monism," or rather " henism," with Italiote dualism. Taran, I know who and what you are, even if you choose to deceive me! Well, at least her secret is still intact, even if it's now being preserved by Claire for all the wrong reasons. I don't want you to lose anything, but you know I'd want to be with you even if we didn't have a dime to our name. Commentary by the experience even if wrestled my clubs the once infamous. To the last he endeavoured to avoid a rupture with France even if he broke with Sweden; but he could not restrain for ever the foolish impetuosity of his own sovereign, Christian V., and his fall in the beginning of 1676 not only, as he had foreseen, involved Denmark in an unprofitable war, but, as his friend and disciple, Jens Juel, well observed, relegated her henceforth to the humiliating position of an international catspaw. We'll stay here until I can get the castle cleaned out and beat the shit out of my brothers. Examples: Even though the interview went terribly yesterday, Cheryl got the job. The even more so list of example sentences with even more so. With if Equivalent with unless; You will be sick if you don't stop eating. CK 1 1024388 Tom never speaks unless spoken to. 2. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. New clothes had never felt so nice, even if they were used! And this is even better than beauty. Could you please suggest me the usage of "even if" in the English sentence? … Even if this approach scale for a large number of similar nodes, it is impractical for large scale heterogeneous system.

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